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Canine Techniques
"It's More than Obedience, it's a Relationship"

About Us

I am a behavior consultant and trainer with over ten years of experience with dogs and their families. Over the years I have worked with family pets, service companions, rescued animals and dogs from animal control. During my college years, at Bucknell University, I earned a four year degree in Animal Behavior.

Now I enjoy working with families in their homes.
My philosophy is to teach, encourage and motivate families to achieve their goals. A personal goal of mine is to help each dog become behaviorally healthy. I believe in teaching our dogs to listen to our guidance, and also make the correct decisions on their own.

Sonia Mullen Hartl Owner & Behavior Consultant

Herb assists in training consultations, board and train programs, as well as managing the dogs on board. He has been working with Sonia for years and has a natural talent with the animals. He spends countless hours making the dogs feel at home.

Herbert Hartl Co-Owner & Boarding Manger

As this is at home training, all dogs are interacting with our children.

Our Children - Running Expert & Activities Specialist

"It's More Than Obedience, It's A Relationship"